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Writing and Tutoring Packages

Your academic success is my priority !

I offer tutoring services for various subjects including General Chemistry, Introductory Biology and varying Psychology classes. I also offer writing services such as brainstorming, editing and review, and one on one help.


This one on one tutoring service is available for high school and college students. Availability is on a first come, first serve basis. Courses offered include: General Chemistry, Introductory Biology and College-level Psychology.

Sessions are held online over Zoom. I can assist in helping you understand concepts, but I will not do your homework for you. However, sessions can include working on homework together.

Packages includes:

Single class session- This is for students looking for a single 1-hr long tutoring session. It is especially useful for going over homework or studying important concepts before a test. Price is $20

Bronze package- This is a three hour session focused on one subject area. Tutoring can be broken down into three hour long sessions if the student wishes. Price is $55

Silver package- This is a six hour session that can combining various subjects. Tutoring can be broken down into hour long sessions. Price is $100

Gold package- This is a ten hour session that can combine various subjects. Tutoring can be broken down into hour long sessions. Price is $180

Please note additional packages are available upon discussion with me! Price is $20/hr

Brain-storming & Editing Sessions

This is available for anyone who just needs a little push with their writing. This hour-long session will enable us figure out the best direction for your writing. It would also allow us to make adequate changes to already written work.

Sessions can only be an hour long at a time. However, multiple sessions can be booked depending on the project. All sessions are held online over Zoom.

Price is $17/hr.

One-on-One Writing Help

This is geared to individuals having difficulty with writing. I am here to help you out of your writing funk into a quality paper. This service is available on a limited basis. Services depend on the length of the paper.

1-2 pages $75

3-5 pages $150

6-10 pages $250

over 10 pages $400

Refer a friend for a 10% discount on any of our services.

You will not regret using her. Ada was very patient with me. She really made sure I understood the material and broke it down in a way that made it very easy.

Susan Colliver

Let’s make something beautiful together.