Bloom where you are planted…

So this post is a follow-up on last week’s post on setting goals. The title itself I got from this amazing speaker that I follow on youtube, Glory Edozien: How to Practice Contentment. As I was re-reading my post from last week, I thought to myself, ‘Adaora, these are actually good and practical ways of setting goals, and if all goes well, your goals would be achieved.’ But therein comes the problem, “if all goes well…” What if all doesn’t go well, or all isn’t going well as fast as you hoped, what happens then?

Let me share a story with you. So my first year of college, I did what was expected of me to do; I added weight. It was slow and gradual, but it was eventual. I didn’t even realize it had happened until I went home for Christmas, and everybody had an opinion on my dress size. I have never been skinny, and I have never been fat. I am (or rather was) the person who you never notice when it comes to how big or small they are, and suddenly I had been thrown into the limelight.

The mistake I was making however was that I kept telling myself to keep my clothes that were too small for me because eventually I would be able to fit into it after I loose weight. taa… all lies. My clothes no longer looked nice , which added to my sadness. It took me a while before I realized that I just needed to bloom where I was planted. Yes set the goals, but understand yourself and how long its going to take to get there. We only have one life, and person cannot die because you are not where you think you should be. Rome was not built in a day, neither will getting where you want to be.

Sometimes we are so consumed with the destination that we end up overlooking the journey itself. For me, I am learning to understand my body and work with what I’ve got. This applies to all aspects of life. Wherever you find yourself, whether or not it was exactly where you thought you would be, make the best of it. Leave memories, touch lives, and make sure that the journey is just as important as the destination.

Ecclesiastes 3:1- ‘For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven’

P.S.-I encourage you to read the rest of this chapter.


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