I became a Doula!!!

First off, what is a doula you may ask?

A doula is a birth worker that serves as emotional, physical and even spiritual support for pregnant women all the way from pre conception to post partum. We play an important role in the birth experiences of mums and more and more are we finally getting recognized. When I think doulas, I think of aunties, sisters, moms who have often played this role in one capacity or the other. It is not a new thing, but we are making sure that every woman has access to this type of support for their pregnancy. I’m going to go over my why, how and what next, with regards to becoming a doula


For those of you who know, it is my dream to become an obgyn. I have always been interested in all aspects of women’s health from puberty to menopause. Many women are only just beginning to figure out how their bodies work, and I want to advocate and educate women in a clinical capacity. While in undergrad, I learnt about the doula profession and believed it would be a good way to put me in close proximity with the population I hope to eventually serve. I realized that in my own little way, I can be part of making birthing a little less scary and a little more wholesome for moms especially black moms


I tried registering for doula classes four times before I eventually found the perfect one for me. The first in California ended up clashing with an event I had. The second in St. Louis I had actually paid for and the instructor cancelled. The third again I had paid for but the date was changed and it fell during my spring break. Finally I found a class. My doula workshop was hosted by Tru Kellman of the Jamaa Birth village (@jamaabirthvillage) in St. Louis. It was a four day training that incorporated wholesome birth practices from black and indigenous populations. It was truly one of a kind. I learnt how to make herbal teas for moms, oil infusions, give proper massages. We practiced mother blessing rituals, as well as binding rituals. At the end, I felt very confident going into the birth world. In addition, we receive a mentorship component with doulas of color in the area. The training cost $500 and it was truly worth it.

What next?

As part of the training, we learnt what it takes to run a doula business. I hope to fully utilize my mentorship program an participate in as many births as I can. I also hope to work part time as a full spectrum doula in combination with school for as long as I can. I really can’t wait to begin to serve moms and expectant moms in this capacity. It bring me one step closer to my dreams of becoming an obgyn and I’m ready for it.

If you have any questions on becoming a doula or what the training entails, feel free to reach out to me.

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