Life Updates

Yes, I know my excuses are beginning to sound cliché but hear me out. A lot has happened since the last time I wrote. I’m going to spill all the tea, and let you know some of the changes moving forward.

Firstly, I travelled back to Nigeria for Christmas break. This is a yearly holiday tradition for my family, so it wasn’t a surprise, but it meant that I couldn’t write and update as much. Also this Christmas was a bit different because I had cousins, whom I had never met, come back. It was honestly so much fun, and was an amazing way to end the decade and bring forth a new one. There were at least 11 people between the ages of 15 and 22 in our house at any given point, so you can imagine how much fun we had.

Secondly, Corobaby decided to keep us at home. I am writing this in May of 2020, and it is no secret that the Covid-19 pandemic has turned our lives upside down. Any plans we had for 2020, corona said we should postpone them till 2021 (chai!). Anyways, it is well. We move as always! As Corona say make we siddon for house, I was unable to take my girls trip to Chicago. My hours at work were drastically reduced. Classes went online, and it became more apparent to me how much of my life happens outside my house. I’ve been on lockdown for almost two months now. I’ve established a semblance of a routine, and I’m just trying to live my life.

Thirdly, I graduated from my masters program. Yessoooo!!! Your girl is now Adaora Ezike, MPH. This was so exciting for me. I really enjoyed my two years in this program. I can definitively say that moving to St. Louis, and the work I have done these past two years have shaped the trajectory for the work I hope to do in the future. I am so grateful for all the people I met, and I wish we had said goodbyes in a proper way.

Fourthly, I began my medical school application process. Actually, I feel like began is the wrong word here because I started this process in 2014, when I stepped on the shores of the US. I have officially started taking the steps needed on the road to my MD. Given that, I will start a separate segment on my blog titled ‘Journey to her MD’. Here, I will be sharing with as much transparency as possible, my journey throughout this process. I will publish these articles on Wednesdays and hopefully regular posts on Sundays. I hope to grow this platform, given that I have more time, and continue to inspire people just like I did when I started in 2016. Feel free to interact with me, and hold me accountable. My hope is to buy my domain name by July and be as official with this blog as possible. I love you all, and look forward to your continued readership. Stay safe!

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