Christmas was amazing!- #Storytime

Yes! I know it’s May, and given everything that is happening in the world, Christmas is far from our minds. However, I realized I never wrote about my Christmas break, and it was an amazing one. So here is a story time for all my peeps. Sit back and relax.

My family has this tradition. Every year, whenever possible, we travel back to our village in Anambara State, Nigeria to celebrate the festive season with our family. It is usually the only time we see our grandparents and many of our cousins. And ever since my siblings and I started attending university, it has sometimes been the only time we see each other in the year. Growing up, we would always protest going to the village, but now we have come to accept and even love it. We usually never have big plans for the festive period. We just go to the village and take what we find. There are always weddings to attend, and various occasions to grace, but never anything our family puts on.

However, this year was a little different. My cousins who lived in different parts of the world came back to Nigeria for the first time. For some of them, it was their first time in the country. We had at least 11 people between the ages of 15-22 in the house at any given time. It was often more. Lit is an understatement for the fun we had. As well, two of my cousins got married. We were unable to attend one completely (sowi Nneamaka!). The other, we attended both her traditional wedding and the church wedding. It was my first time being part of the asoebi (traditional bridal train), and I was soooo gassed. I started planning my outfit from the moment I was added to the train in June, and trust me it was amazing. I thoroughly enjoyed the event. From the Igbo highlife singers, to the MC impatiently calling for the bride to come out, the whole event was so entertaining. At a point while the asoebi girls were dressing up, my aunty (bride’s mum) rushed into the room frantic. They were calling out for her and she had just got done with her makeup. All hands were on deck as we tried to simultaneously put on each leg of her shoe and zip her clothes. Once she left, I started laughing. I guess this was the behind-the-scenes that no one ever saw. Overall, it was an amazing day. (see pictures below)

My look for the traditional wedding
The bride and some of her maidens (first outing)
My siblings and I

The next big thing was the launch of my parent’s foundation. Chris and Clara Ezike Foundation was launched on December 24th, 2019. So much happened before hand to make the whole thing possible, including a lot of money being spent. My parents wanted to create the foundation as a way to give back to their community and support its residents. The foundation supported many causes including widow’s empowerment, education, elderly support, amongst others. That day was a busy day for me. I exceeded my apple watch goals, and I haven’t been able to reach those numbers since. As the Director-general (title my parents gave me to feel important lol), I was in charge of organizing and keeping track of all the donations. Let me just say y’all, I am way more organized than I thought. But overall, I really felt more connected to my community and the hardships they face. I have never lived in the village, only visit once a year, and honestly don’t feel connected to it. But being a part of the foundation exposed me to the names and causes that the community espouses. (see pictures below)

Getting ready for the Foundation day
My dad and his sister-in-law

The last big thing this break was my father’s retirement party. My dad served in the Nigerian Police Force for over 30 years and retired at the age of 60. He threw a grand retirement party, and it was lit. It was also hectic. With 10 girls in the house, trying to do our hair and makeup and be ready for church service by 10:30am was a herculean task. Even though we started at 5am. It also didn’t help that my mom was upset and putting us all under immense tension. I literally thought she would chew my head. Las las, we got to church. At the end of service, the Reverend started subbing us, talking about how some women wore short dresses and dresses with slit. Gosh I wanted to strangle him. argggghhhh! The reception was amazing. Food overflowing, drinks in quantum, and the band was a vibe! When I got home, my feet were a little swollen and my makeup had seen better days. I was just glad to be out of the tight dress and allow my rolls to breathe. (see pictures below)

From L-R: My mom (aka Lolo), my brother’s godfather, my brother
New Year’s Day look

Many more things happened o, but these were the main highlights. Not all were good but most were fun. I enjoyed having all my cousins around and many family friends over to visit. It was truly a young adult Christmas.

Thank you all for the engagement on my most recent posts. It gives me the courage and ginger to keep posting. Keep sharing with your friends. Follow me @_cookingwithclara on Instagram for more recipe videos. Till next time.

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