I took a leap of faith!

Hello Ndi nkem!!!

Let me start first by apologizing. Yes, I know you haven’t read anything from me in a while. I have been quite busy. I had exams, work and sorting things out for medical school. I was also busy starting a YouTube channel!

Yes you read that right. I started a YouTube channel. Y’all I’ve been wanting to do this for YEARS! But I kept telling myself I’m not good enough for it. I felt I was not good enough for people to watch me on their screens. Like who even wants to know anything about my life. And that is how I stopped myself for over four years

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In fact at the beginning of this year, I wrote starting a YouTube channel on my to do list and I crossed it out cause I was still doubting myself. I didn’t even want to tell anybody cause I felt they would think I was ridiculous.

But one day, I opened up to my sister and she told me it would be a fantastic idea. I then told another sister, then my partner, then my mum and everyone said GO FOR IT! I started researching and today, I published my first video.

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So yes, I have come back in true motivational speaker fashion to tell you that YOU can do it. Is there anything that you have been psyching yourself out of doing? You have told yourself multiple times that you aren’t good enough. You have convinced yourself that there is no space for you. Well I just want to let you know that YOU can do it.

You have everything it takes to do whatever you want to do. It might require some research and definitely lots of hard work but you’ve got this. In the meantime, please go ahead and subscribe to my channel. Leave comments, like and let me know what you think. Till next time, K’odi.

Please watch and subscribe

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