5 ways to weaponize your identity for money: Twitter edition

Yes, we can speak about the role oppression plays in the lives of marginalized people, but why do we negate individual responsibility a lot.
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My Breast ironing story

Hello Ndi nkem!! Hope you are all doing well. This week has been so hectic for me. My sisters returned from Nigeria. My youngest sister is starting college and I’ve been doing the running around preparing for the start of school. This pseudo motherhood life is not easy please. My baby girl lifestyle is not…

Weirdest Medical School Interview- #RTHM

Hello Ndi Nkem, Hope you are all doing great this New Year. Are you still following your resolutions, or are your resolutions following you 😂😂? Anyways, today, I have come to do amebo for you. I have sweet gist for una. So the majority of you know that I am applying to medical school. I…

Why Nigerian Women hate cooking!

Cooking is a basic survival skill that I believe everyone should have to an extent. However, the way we hold it as a ransom over women will never be ok.

He said my husband will beat me!!!! -#storytime

Hello my people!! I know my recent posts have been very intellectual, so I said let me come and give you guys some hot gist. Better bring out your cup of tea and relax because today, I have a very sweet gist for y’all. Are you ready???!!!! Ehn, so everything goes back to this last…