He said my husband will beat me!!!! -#storytime

Hello my people!! I know my recent posts have been very intellectual, so I said let me come and give you guys some hot gist. Better bring out your cup of tea and relax because today, I have a very sweet gist for y’all. Are you ready???!!!!

Ehn, so everything goes back to this last summer. For those of you who don’t know, I spent my summer in Nigeria, doing my internship for grad school. I will still do a post about that. One day o, I was in my office with one of my colleagues and another of our friend. I will call the friend Jane, and my colleague, Anita. So Jane was supposed to spend the night with us, because we were having a girls night kind of thing. Jane came to meet Anita and I in the office, so that we could all go home together.

While Jane was there, she was explaining to us all the hurdles she had to jump through before he mother was comfortable for her to sleepover at our place. Take note o!! Jane is in university, and she lives away from her parents. It led us to a discussion about how African parents never give you breathing space, especially if you a girl. They want to monitor you forever, if you like be 22 or 30, they don’t care.

Next thing o, this man that was fixing the office landline just decided to shook his mouth inside our conversation. My guy started telling us about how that is how parents are, and until we become parents, we won’t understand. We listened to him but still tried to point out that sometimes, it is overbearing. Mr. man went ahead to tell us his entire life story of how his father married many wives and whilst barely providing for them, was still beating them. He was sha explaining how he began to appreciate his father later in life. My guy said that he only paid for his sons’ school fees till secondary school so that his boys could go into the world and learn how hard life is. Pause!!! That is the one I don’t understand. How does that teach you how life is? Why would a parent not want to train their child through school, if they are capable just to teach them how life is??? That was the beginning of the shocking

Mr man continued with his unwanted lecture saying how children of nowadays aren’t beaten enough. I told him that beating doesn’t usually work. Most things that we were beaten for as children, it didn’t stop us, it just made us do it in secret. I went ahead to tell him how my mum was the disciplinarian/beater, while my dad was the one who called you to his room and gave you a lecture. The corrections my dad gave was what stuck with me even till this day. That was when this man, opened his dirty mouth, and told me that since my father did not beat me growing up, that my husband will beat me. WHAT!!!!! CAN YOU IMAGINE!!!!!

I shouted God forbid! so loudly I bet people in the other offices could hear me. I told him that the man that will beat me has not been born yet. I went ahead to warn him not to say such. I told him that I rather remain single than to stay where someone will be beating me. This man told me I shouldn’t say such a thing. That how can I pray to be single. It was then I realized I had met an unfortunate soul. I knew then that work could no longer continue as planned. I packed all my kaya (load), signaled Jane and went home.

Who else has met such an unfortunate soul before? What was the story? Can’t wait to read them!!!


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  1. Kaz says:

    I want to be surprised but the bulk of Nigerian men think like this. I’m talking about the average Nigerian man that you meet on the street. And even women are conditioned to think this is normal. And they are in a society that enables this kind of behavior- one where a woman going to the police for help after her husband beat her will be sent back home to suffer the consequences of her ‘crime’; one where even her own mother will instruct her to go back to her husband and beg for his forgiveness when she is bloody and broken. Maddest part, if you remove this kind of men and put them in another country, they would never try it. When they are in relationships with foreign women, they would never dare touch their wives. But their fellow Nigerian women are goats that only respond to blows. Nah Ada, don’t worry. I’ve met his kind and there’s no need to waste your breath because that one is beyond saving. The best we can do is educate around them and hopefully hopefully, when they realize they stand alone in their stupidity, they will retreat.

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    1. adabekeeblog says:

      Thank you love! You can’t even mind them. A lot of them know what they are doing is not right, but the society enables them

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