LTAI Ep. 2- Nigerian married men are the real pandemic

On today’s episode, we dive into some Snapchat drama. A tale of a community penis, runs babe, and a snapchatter with a vendetta. Enjoy this lighthearted episode and share with your friends.

Supporting friends in abusive relationships is exhausting.

Hello Ndi nkem! I know you haven’t seen me for over a month. I apologize. I don’t want this going awol to be a pattern but sometimes, wetin man go do (what can one do)? The situation in Nigeria plus other personal reasons have slowed my writing down, but I’m trying to get back on…

Igbo Pet names for your boyfriend

As you can see, we Igbo women love to compliment our men with references to their ability. We look at their physique, their pocket, and their strength.

Why Nigerian Women hate cooking!

Cooking is a basic survival skill that I believe everyone should have to an extent. However, the way we hold it as a ransom over women will never be ok.

15 Igbo Pet names for your girlfriend

Hello Ndi Nkem!!! Happy new month. One of my readers chastized me that I didn’t welcome us into the new month in my last post. Biko I am very sorry. Accept my sincerest apologies. Today is Beyoncé’s birthday. Woooooooo!!!!! Yes, I am a Beyhive member. The queen is 39 years old today. Happy birthday to…

Happy Independence Day- a love letter from your daughter.

Happy Independence Day Nigeria,My home since I was bornI think of you everyday,even though I am not your biggest priority.Everything I do is so that we can be together,Not just for together sake,But in happiness and love.I want us to be strong,but you treat me like I’m unimportant.You watch me when I’m sick,but you refuse…

He said my husband will beat me!!!! -#storytime

Hello my people!! I know my recent posts have been very intellectual, so I said let me come and give you guys some hot gist. Better bring out your cup of tea and relax because today, I have a very sweet gist for y’all. Are you ready???!!!! Ehn, so everything goes back to this last…