Igbo names for your baby boy and their meanings- no “Chi” names

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As a sequel to last week’s post, here is the part two. What were some of your favorite names from the last post? Where there any that I missed that you came up with? Lastly, have you checked out my youtube channel?

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I utilized the services of my sisters and my mother to come up with this list. My dears, we have so many Igbo names that have chi chi everywhere. We will say one name, then realize it has chi and start laughing. My sister said “what of Emeka?” My people is the full name of Emeka not Chukwuemeka? That was the sort of problem we kept running into. Anyways sha, here are some of the names that I could come up with

  1. Ikenna – strength of a father
  2. Obiora – heart of the world
  3. Obinna – heart of a father
  4. Jidenna – hold on to your father
  5. Obinwanne – heart of a sibling or good heart
  6. Nkemakonnam – my own will not forsake me
  7. Tobenna – praise the father
  8. Lotanna – remember the father
  9. Ugonna – pride of the father
  10. Nwokeoma – good man
  11. Zikora – show the world
  12. Amadi – a free man
  13. Akaolisa – hand of God
  14. Azubuike – literal “the back is strength” or past experiences are strength
  15. Elozonam – don’t forget me
  16. Ikem – my strength
  17. Ndubuisi – life is important
  18. Ezenwa – prince
  19. Ndukwe – as long as there is life, there is hope
  20. Nduka – life is more important
  21. Nnamdi – my father is here
  22. Okafor – boy born on afor market day
  23. Okonkwo – boy born on nkwo market day
  24. Okoye -boy born on orie market day
  25. Chetanna – remember the father
  26. Nnabuike – father is strength
  27. Ogbonnaya – his father’s namesake
  28. Uchenna – heart of the father
  29. Afamefuna – my name will not be lost
  30. Obumneme – it’s not by my doing
  31. Echezona – don’t forget
  32. Ekene – praises
  33. Onyeka – who is greater
  34. Anieriobi- strong willed
  35. Eyinnaya – his father’s friend
  36. Obieze – heart of a king
  37. Nwokike – strong man
  38. Emenike – not by my strength
  39. Ugwummadu – honor of a person
  40. Amobi – who knows the heart of man?
  41. Ejikeme – it’s not by might
  42. Jideofor – hold on to the truth
  43. Maduka – people are greater
  44. Nwabueze – child is king
  45. Obiefuna – my heart will not get lost
  46. Zimuzo – show me the road
  47. Ositadimma (var. Osita) – let good things remain
  48. Ozoemena – it won’t happen again
  49. Akuabata – wealth has entered
  50. Obiajuru – my heart is full

So what do you think? Which names did I miss out on? Let me know in the comments below. But till next time, K’odi!

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