How to get over a breakup- 7 Tried and tested tips to move on from an ex.

So you have been dating this person for a while. You already built a future with them in your head: 2 kids, a dog and a house with a white picket fence. Now you are realizing that the said future is only going to be in your head. That perfect life you envisioned is going to shreds.

My Doula Bag essentials

In honor of World Doula week, I want to share some of the things you will always find in my doula bag. #Worlddoulaweek

Dating is not a human right!

Dating is inherently discriminatory. We remove people from our dating people for any and every reason…who we choose to partner up with is a deeply personal thing, shaped by many many factors. If I chose not to date a poor man, am I brokeophobic?

The worst part of my Igbo Christmas

Although I miss the village, seeing my relatives and eating all the good food that comes with the season, I do not miss the stress of running around the kitchen trying to entertain the multitudes of guests that visit our home.

Supporting friends in abusive relationships is exhausting.

Hello Ndi nkem! I know you haven’t seen me for over a month. I apologize. I don’t want this going awol to be a pattern but sometimes, wetin man go do (what can one do)? The situation in Nigeria plus other personal reasons have slowed my writing down, but I’m trying to get back on…

Igbo Pet names for your boyfriend

As you can see, we Igbo women love to compliment our men with references to their ability. We look at their physique, their pocket, and their strength.