10 Movies you need to watch on Irokotv!

Over the past few years, I have curated some of my favorite movies and I would love to share them with you. So in no particular order, here it goes. #nollywood #irokotv #nigerianmovies

My Doula Bag essentials

In honor of World Doula week, I want to share some of the things you will always find in my doula bag. #Worlddoulaweek

Dating is not a human right!

Dating is inherently discriminatory. We remove people from our dating people for any and every reason…who we choose to partner up with is a deeply personal thing, shaped by many many factors. If I chose not to date a poor man, am I brokeophobic?

The worst part of my Igbo Christmas

Although I miss the village, seeing my relatives and eating all the good food that comes with the season, I do not miss the stress of running around the kitchen trying to entertain the multitudes of guests that visit our home.