#SilhouetteChallenge and the Morality Police that won’t let women be.

Hello my people!!!

How is everyone doing? Thank you so much for the kind words I received from my last post. Sharing my breast ironing story was no ease feat for me, but I am glad it was received with love and encouragement. I hope to continue sharing such vulnerable stories, and help change the culture of silence surrounding many of the things we face as women.

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Speaking of women, if you were on social media last week, you must have come across the #Silhouettechallenge. This is a tiktok challenge which starts with men and women dressed in casual or lounge attire, and moves to them showcasing a silhouette of their bodies under a red light. Some were fully nude, some had lingerie, and others wore tight fitting clothes. The point is people, mostly women were owning their sexiness while giving us a show.

Photo by Aleksandar Pasaric on Pexels.com

It wasn’t even up to 12 hours of the start of the challenge when the morality police came out telling women what they could and could not do with their bodies. Most of the morality police were Christians. Some told women that they were cheap, prostitutes, sinners, and many other judgmental words women are policed with. Others showed faux concern for the women’s futures, saying things like, ” Who will marry you now your nakedness is online? or what if you are the wife of a governor tomorrow?”

Gospel artist, Mercy Chinwo, among those who criticized women in the challenge

Even worse, the perverts and predators decided to come out of the woodworks. Certain men decided to find and download apps to remove the red filter that people were using to participate in the challenge. There are a thousand and one images and videos of naked women all over the internet, yet these weirdos want to see the nakedness of women that did not consent to it. Of course, trust the victim blamers to come to their defense. “If she didn’t want her nakedness there, why did she do the challenge?” Are you dense? Do you truly not understand consent? She did not consent to that. You are violating her privacy, but of course you guys don’t care. You see women’s bodies as your entitlement. A playground for your pleasure. I hope your disgusting attitude lands you in the jail that you need to be in.

So disgusting honestly.
Nigerian men are on a different misogyny wavelength. Their entitlement is zero to none.

As for the morality police. Those who feel that they can tell women what to do with their bodies, Stop it! As women, our bodies are over regulated and over policed. “Don’t go there, don’t wear that, don’t do that” has been our slogan since the day we were born. We can never catch a break. Last year, a 2-year old was molested and her mother said she was tempting the abuser. On Saturday, a 16 year old girl was harassed in the market for wearing shorts and she was blamed for what she wore. Women have been raped in hijabs, trousers,etc and they have been blamed. Just last week, I wrote about having the gaze of men on me since the age of 8, and my mother trying to iron my breast didn’t save me from that. Your morality will not save you. Your holier than thou attitude will not save you.

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The head pastor of COZA was accused of molesting his church members. The church kept quiet. The head pastor of MINE Ministries was accused of molesting the teens in his care who he was supposedly teaching to be chaste. I didn’t see any uproar. Uwa was raped and murdered in the church. Reverend sisters have been raped. Many, many, many victims. Their morality, their chastity, their ‘decent’ dressing did not save them. Nothing can save you from the entitlement that predators feel over women’s bodies. So stop with the policing. If participating in the challenge is against your moral and religious ethics that’s cool, don’t participate. But telling other people what they can and cannot do with their bodies as a result of your own moral code, is absolute madness. STOP IT!

Photo by Ludovica Dri on Pexels.com

Let me tell you something about the morality police. They will reach everybody. Look at Hisbah in the North and Arewa twitter. They dragged Rahma, a Muslim actress, for wearing a backless dress. Many Christians called them morality police and questioned why they were telling a woman what to wear. Those same Christians are now telling other women what to wear. When they finish with the women wearing shorts, they will come for you wearing a dress. Just like rain, e go still touch everybody.

Stop using your religion to police others

Stop policing what people do. Stop policing what women do. We have agency over our life and our decisions. Everyone doesn’t have the same idea of decency. The same way you police one person, someone will police you too. What you consider indecent, another considers decent. What you see as decent, another considers indecent. Just let people live their lives. As long as it is not harming someone else, what is it to you? In fact, I’m tired. Till next time, Bye lovelies!

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