Igbo names for your baby girl and their meanings- no “Chi” names

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Hope you are all well. I have been working on so many projects and I apologize for being absent for a little bit. Anyways I am back now and glad to share some ideas with y’all.

If you are Igbo, you probably know we have an abundance of “chi” names in our dictionary. So I thought, what if you don’t want to name your baby girl a Chi name. What if you aren’t religious or just want a name with a different meaning for your daughter. How many are out there? Well the answer is a lot. I was able to put down a few and here they are:

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  1. Adaora – my name! First daughter of all
  2. Adannaya (var. Adanna) – First daughter of her father
  3. Adanne -First daughter of her mother
  4. Adaeze -First daughter of a king
  5. Adamma -First daughter of beauty
  6. Adaobi -First daughter of a king
  7. Ifunanya -The only one I see with my eyes .ie. love
  8. Anwulika (var. Anwuli) -Happiness is greater
  9. Nkiruka (var. Nkiru)-The one in front is greater
  10. Ekwutosi (var. Ekwy)-Don’t condemn me
  11. Ifeoma -A good thing
  12. Ijeoma -Good journey
  13. Mma -Beauty
  14. Ifeyinwa (var. Ify) -What compares to a child?
  15. Njideka -The one in your hand is greater
  16. Mmesoma -Doer of good things
  17. Obiuso -Good heart
  18. Nwando -A child brings peace
  19. Ezinne -Good mother
  20. Obiageli (var. Oby)-Born to eat wealth
  21. Ngozi -Blessing
  22. Odinchezo – You won’t be forgotten
  23. Ucheoma -Good heart
  24. Lotanna -Remember the father
  25. Uzoamaka -The road is beautiful
  26. Uzomma -Good road
  27. Ezinwanne -Good sister or good sibling
  28. Obianuju (var. Uju)-Born into wealth
  29. Nwabunor -The child is the home
  30. Ijeabalim -The journey favored me
  31. Somadina -I won’t be alone
  32. Ihuoma -Favor or something good
  33. Ifeatu – A thing of reference
  34. Nneoma -Good mother
  35. Nnenna -Her father’s mother
  36. Nneka -Mother is greater
  37. Nneamaka -Mother is beautiful
  38. Nwanneka -Sisterhood/Brotherhood is greater
  39. Obioma -Good heart
  40. Adaugo -Daughter of an eagle .ie. Beautiful daughter
  41. Ujunwa -Born into abundance
  42. Nwanyioma -Good woman
  43. Ukamaka -Dialogue is good or Church is good
  44. Nnedimma -Mother is good
  45. Uchenna -Heart of the father
  46. Nkemdilim (var. Nkem)-Let what is mine remain mine
  47. Kambili -Allow me live
  48. Ndidiamaka (var. Ndidi)-Patience is good
  49. Olanma (var. Ola)-Beautiful gold or precious gift
  50. Olaedo -Gold
  51. Akwaugo -Precious daughter
  52. Nkolika (var. Nkoli)- Conversation is better
  53. Urenna -Her father’s pride
  54. Yagazie -It is well with you

So how did I do? We have so many beautiful names that don’t have Chi, Chukwu, etc in them and I just thought it would be amazing to share. Which ones are not there (I know there are a lot)? Let me know in the comments below. I will share the one for boys soon. Till next time. K’odi!

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