LTAI Ep. 10- At 23, I was still sucking breast + Giveaway winner announcement!

LTAI Ep. 10- At 23, I was still sucking breast + Giveaway winner announcement

Happy birthday to Kassy Kash!!! Y’all should help me wish her a happy birthday!!

Happy birthday baby 🥳🥳

On today’s episode, we talk about some unrealistic expectations that we set for ourselves at various ages in our lives. We also talk about how we compare ourselves to both people we know and people on the internet. We discuss how we try to overcome some of those standards set for us both by society and by our own selves.

Lastly, we announced the winner of our giveaway. Thank you to all those who entered. We really appreciate it. At the end of the day, we could only pick one person. The winner of our $100 Birthday giveaway is *drum rolls please* NICOLE ASEMONYE!!!! Thank you so much for entering and congratulations on winning. We will be in contact on how to receive your gift.


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