Igbo Pet names for your boyfriend

Hello Ndi Nkem!! How is everyone doing. I saw that many of you really liked the previous post about pet names for your girlfriend, so here is the sequel. Men, you know I can’t forget you.

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However, I won’t lie. Compiling the list for guys was a bit difficult. The names aren’t as romantic as I would like, and a lot of them reference strength. At the end of the day, these names are reflective of what the society values. Here we go.

  1. Obi’ m – My heart.
  2. Uso’ m – My sweetness
  3. Nwoke oma – Good man.
  4. Odogwu – References an important man.
  5. Afu nwoke afu ogologo imi ya– If you see this man, you see his long nose hahhhhaaaa!!! Essentially, a handsome man.
  6. Nwoke eji eme onu– The man that I can brag with.
  7. Obi uto’ m– My joy
  8. Nwoke ji obi’ m– The man who holds my heart.
  9. Nwoke eji eje mba– The man we go to events with. This doesn’t translate as well, but it is definitely a compliment.
  10. Dike nwoke– Strong man
  11. Agu nwoke– Leopard man. Lol! This one references strength.
  12. Eze’ m– My king
  13. Odim na Obi– The one in my heart.
  14. Omego– Rich man. As in your bobo is wealthy.
  15. Ekwu eme– Talk and do. Refers to someone who is reliable and dependable.
My fine Igbo brother

As you can see, we Igbo women love to compliment our men with references to their ability. We look at their physique, their pocket, and their strength. All those things are important to us. What about you? What are some sweet pet names you call your lover in your own language? Which of these names did you like the most? Leave it in the comment section. Don’t forget to check out my writing service. Till next time. Bye!

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5 Comments Add yours

  1. Chinecherem Peace says:

    Uso’m = My Sweetness

    I love this most


  2. Stella says:

    I really love this names

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Jay Cee says:



  4. IFY CHERUB says:

    I call my love honey


    1. Zita says:

      Nwoke eji me onu ❣️
      I love this name


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