15 Igbo Pet names for your girlfriend

Hello Ndi Nkem!!! Happy new month. One of my readers chastized me that I didn’t welcome us into the new month in my last post. Biko I am very sorry. Accept my sincerest apologies. Today is Beyoncé’s birthday. Woooooooo!!!!! Yes, I am a Beyhive member. The queen is 39 years old today. Happy birthday to her.

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On to the matter of the day. For anyone who doesn’t know, I am an Igbo girl. I love our language and certain aspects of our culture a lot; one of which is how we express love. When a guy is toasting me in Igbo, the vibe is much different than in English. Whoever said French is the language of love has never heard an Igbo guy toast a babe lol! That being said, if you are looking to toast a bonafide Igbo girl like me, here are some sweet names you can use to scatter her defenses.

Ada ndi igbo ji eme onu (Beautiful Igbo ladies)
  1. Asampete/ Asa– Beautiful woman.
  2. Mma– Beauty
  3. Enenebe eje olu– Looking at you makes me forget about work. This means she is stunning.
  4. Achalugo– royal and regal woman. Think about how majestic an eagle is.
  5. Ugbebe oyibo– foreign mirror. References how rare and expensive you are.
  6. Nne’m– my mummy. Igbo men love their mothers and really like calling their babes ‘mummy’. I personally don’t like it, but if that is your spec, go ahead!
  7. Nwanyi oma– good woman
  8. Akwa Ugo– precious eagle egg. You are rare and precious to me.
  9. Nke’m– my own.
  10. Ego Oyibo– foreign currency. Pounds and dollars baby.
  11. Udara mmicha– a sweet fruit I want to suck. Udara or African star apple is a seasonal fruit found in Nigeria. Me I don’t like it sha, but many people do. The Yorubas call it agbalumo.
  12. Olu gbajie– Necks are breaking trying to look at you.
  13. Ifunanya’ m– the only one I see with my eyes. My love
  14. Oriaku/Odozie aku– the eater of my money/ the caretaker of my money. Yes, please bring your money let me chop it.
  15. Ola’ m– my diamond.

As you can see, we Igbos are very descriptive in our expression of love. We reference nature a lot because that is what we have. We like money a lot and we use it in how we express love. Oya people, what other special names am I missing? Is there an Igbo pet name you use for your significant other? If so, please share in the comments. I look forward to reading them. Also don’t forget to check out my writing service. Till next time. Bye!

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Igbo Pet names for your boyfriend

As you can see, we Igbo women love to compliment our men with references to their ability. We look at their physique, their pocket, and their strength.

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  1. Chinenye Ibekwe says:

    Lol! I am totally with you on Nne’m.


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