5 Tips for Making a Meal Plan

Hello Ndi Nkem! How is everyone doing? I am having a headache as I write this but I am powering through. My brother came to visit us, and we have been enjoying his company. What is something good that has happened to you recently? Please share down below, I would love to read it.

I shared once on my Instagram (@_cookingwithclara), that I use a meal timetable in my home. Someone recently reached out to me to help her craft one for herself. She seemed to value the tips, so I decided to share it with you all. Please let me know what you think.

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Take inventory of your ingredients

I do my grocery shopping every three to four weeks, and I meal plan on a weekly basis. My weekends are usually freestyle, so I only meal plan Monday-Friday. The first thing I do is check what I have in stock. Do I have rice, fish, veggies, etc? If I don’t have something, there is no point putting it on the menu. The type of person I am, doing such would force me to eat out or eat junk because I won’t go grocery shopping. As a result, I plan with the ingredients I have on deck. It also allows me to take stock of what I have, and to use up items that would go bad soon.

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Start with one meal type

Since I started Intermittent fasting, I only eat lunch and dinner. I start by planning out my dinners for the week. If I am going to cook in a week, it will mostly likely be dinner. By planning this way, I can adequately space out how often I am cooking that week. I can also vary the types of meals I want to cook.

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Consider leftovers

I cook in big portions, so this is important. Last night’s dinner will most likely be tomorrow’s lunch, so I need to take that into consideration. I also need to consider any leftovers from the week prior so as not to leave food out too long.

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Add variety

This is super important to me. I usually have a goal when meal planning. ‘Rice not more than two times, eat loads of veggies, make beans at least once…’ are just a few of the things running through my mind. I do my best to make sure that those goals are fulfilled in the plan. Also, I try to add at least one exciting dish to my plan. It can be a new dish I saw on the web and want to try, or an old dish that warms up my heart. This gives me something to look forward to.

The dash signifies a free day. Can be used for an ‘eat out’ day.

Put down days you plan to eat out

Lastly, schedule in days you plan to eat out. Maybe, you have a birthday dinner to attend Thursday night, don’t schedule a dinner then. Or, you work late Tuesday so you will be too tired to eat, schedule it in. I do this so that I don’t feel guilty for eating out, “when we have rice at home” lol!!!

Ah well! Hope you found these tips helpful. Do you meal plan at home? What are some things that make it easier for you? Let me know in the comments below. Please don’t forget to subscribe to my mailing list. Loads of goodies await. Till next time, Bye!

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