I tried Intermittent Fasting

My people! I am on my knees begging you all to forgive me for my grave abandonment. In fact, in the time we spent apart from each other, a baby could have been delivered *prematurely* lol. I won’t waste too much time but I am sorry for taking such a long hiatus without any explanation. As a final year student, senioritis was doing me bad and the laziness was real. Unfortunately, my blog suffered for that. The point is I am back, and we will continue our business as usual.

So sometime in April, it dawned on me that this graduation date was fast approaching, and I felt that desire that brides often feel when approaching their big day, to look good and slay. I decided to lose some weight, even if it was only 10 pounds, at least I go fit suck belle make shirt fine. I started doing my research into intermittent fasting. I am not a diet person because they don’t work long-term, and I wanted something that if I started today and lost weight, I would be able to maintain the weight loss.

Intermittent fasting seemed like the best choice because I didn’t have to restrict what I ate, but rather when I ate it. For those that don’t know, Intermittent fasting is essentially eating within a certain time window in a day, and fasting for the remaining hours. So for me that meant eating from 12pm to 8pm, and fasting from 8pm till 12pm the next day. You also aren’t supposed to binge eat during that time if not the whole weight loss kini is useless. And with any diet, exercise should never be ignored, and for that meant my usual boxing and Pilates.

I gave up on my 10 pounds for graduation, and made it a 10 pounds for summer thing instead. Why so little, you may ask? I have a hard time loosing weight so I set smart goals for myself. Mumu me now decided to start the first day of finals. Chai! So on Sunday May 20th at 8pm, I stopped eating, and didn’t eat till Monday at 12pm. As a morning person who loves her breakfast, no matter what, I was destabilized. I had extra time, that I normally cooked with, and I didn’t know what to do. I was also very hungry.


  • Not eating breakfast -Like I said, breakfast is my favorite meal so not eating it made me feel weird at first but I adjusted after about a week and a half
  • Alcohol -I don’t drink often, and when I do, its with friends and usually past 8pm. Those days ended up being cheat days, which I tried not to bother too much with. If you drink a lot especially in the evenings, you might want to move your feeding window to better suit you.
  • Being up early -I get up at 7am, and would go 5 hours or more without eating. In the beginning it got difficult to focus especially when I would commute to San Francisco via BART. I would feel faint sometimes, and I started using gum to combat that.
  • Friends  -People eat past 8 a lot. Oftentimes I would go to events and drink just water cause it was past my eating time. I made my friends aware so it wasn’t a big deal. Eating is a very social thing, so I felt like I was missing out by not joining my friends.
  • Food rush -Sometimes, 7pm would approach and I realize that I haven’t eaten since 12, and won’t eat in the next hour. Having to put things together to meet a time deadline was a drag sometimes.


  • I learnt how to better curb my appetite. I wasn’t eating just to eat, but because I was hungry. I learnt portion control and self-control via intermittent fasting
  • I ate for nutrients (quality) and not for volume. Because I spent a lot of time not eating, I could think about what I would eat when I could. I usually had plans in advance, and didn’t just eat because the food was there
  • Water became my bestie. It filled me up when I was hungry and helped to curb my appetite.
  • I slept better because my food had digested long before I went to bed. I no longer felt stuffed whenever I was about to sleep.
  • Lastly, I lost the 10 pounds, or there about. My stomach was flatter, and I could definitely fit into certain pieces differently.

Intermittent fasting isn’t for everyone, and it doesn’t work in the same way for all. A lot of folks when I was looking it up said they lost 10 pounds in two weeks, but it took me over three months to lose the same 10 pounds (clearly doing different things). I just tried it to see if I would like it and tbh I did. Feel free to comment and ask any questions you may have about my in-depth daily process. I may or may not reply depending on how in-depth, lol. I will be more faithful to you all. I am in graduate school now (don’t worry gist for another day), so I will try to post at least weekly. Till next time my people, stay safe!

 Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.
P.S.- i have so many fun projects I can’t wait to gist you all about

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