I’m not a Feminist

I’m done hearing this phrase. Every Tom, Dick,and Harry carries it so pridefully. Once you say anything that could remotely suggest equality of the genders, you have to complete the statement with, ‘I am not a feminist.’ To me it’s like when someone is about to say something racist and they prelude it with, ‘I’m not racist but (insert something inherently racist).’ It’s sad and disgusting.

Feminism simply put is equality of the sexes. At first I thought people’s fear of the word stemmed from the images of radical feminism,and their need to dissociate themselves from that. However in recent times, I have come to realize that people do not like the word because they genuinely believe that men and women are not equal.

The worst is when women say it. Especially when it is women reaping the hard-earned benefits of feminism. They go to school, get degrees, have lush jobs,and make all the money in world. Yet, you are not a feminist. I just want to take you back to the olden days were your entire life’s worth was popping out babies and making sure that your husband was well-catered to. It is just so irritating.

As a Nigerian, my country has failed me as a woman. A bill on gender equality was recently rejected from the Senate. This bill was to ensure gender equality in hiring process at work, education, end child marriages,and different other nuisances that I can’t believe we have to deal with in 2016. It was rejected by the old hags that fill our Senate, made up of 90% men. I have had the opportunity of sitting in at Senate hearing, and believe me nothing productive ever seems to be happening there. For a country that passed over 100 bills in one sitting during the transitional period, they were sure quick to dismiss a bill that allows girls to be girls and women to be women.

The worse part of the situation is their use of religion to defend themselves. They fail to realize that the Bible/Koran that they quote though inspired by God is written by men. If there is one thing I have learnt, it is that who ever writes history has the ability to shape it to their favor. In my Religion class, we see this done over and over in the Bible. They should be ashamed to use text designed by God to ensure that we live edifying lives, for the purpose of putting women under their thumbs.

My message today is especially for those women who continue to deny feminism like a plague. Be careful what you wish for, cause at the rate this country is going, you just might get it. I hope we can one day come to realize that the only thing that makes a woman different from a man is opportunity(re-quoting Viola Davis). Leaving the link to this video that is just embarrassing.

Matthew 11:12-“From the days of John the Baptist until now the kingdom of heaven suffers violence, and violent men take it by force.”


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