That Psych class

So I officially declared a psychology minor this past semester, and I took my first psych class as well (Psych 01). The class was very interesting,and it enabled me decide whether I actually wanted to minor or not. But that isn’t really the story for today.

The month of March was a particularly trying one for me. It was one of those times in college when you start questioning if university is really worth it. Classes, friends, and life in general were burdening me, and I was trying to be a superwoman by not acknowledging any of the issues that were going on.

The day of the Women’s Conference, I packed my books to study and do homework because midterms were approaching. I attended the conference, and made sure that I went with my already packed books, so that the devil will not tempt me to go to my room in the name of going to get books. After the amazing conference, I went to the psych annex to study. The first thing on my list was to take my psych quiz.(I like starting from the smallest things to the biggest, so that I am not overwhelmed) I opened the online quiz only to discover that it was due the day before and had closed. I wept. Take note, this quiz is practically nothing in the grand scheme of my grade. I could always ask my teacher to open up the quiz later on (which she did for 50% of the grade). It was not something that would make or break me, but I cried like I had lost someone in my life. I felt like I was having some sort of out of body experience because I kept saying ‘why are you crying so much? it’s really not that serious,’ but I couldn’t control myself.

All the emotions that I had been bottling up, had found a way of releasing themselves via my silly Psych quiz. I had been ignoring life, and it had finally caught up to me in the plush lobby of the psych annex. Thank God no one was there so I wouldn’t have to explain my runny noise and red eyes. I share this because we are very good at ignoring ourselves. We take care of people in our communities, our friends, our families, but we ignore ourselves. Self love and care is something that you alone can give to yourself. If something is bothering you address it. Whether its speaking to a parent, a trusted friend, a therapist, writing, praying, drawing, even crying, whatever it is that you need to release that energy before it catches you unaware. I face timed my friend and was cry-venting to him. He thought I was crazy cause I looked like a mess, but I was able to work out my issues. Funny enough, I got a A in that Psych class.

Philippians 4:13-‘I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.’ 


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