I went shopping!!!

Hi everyone!!! It’s been a minute,but I’m back. So in preparation for the new school year, I dragged one of my friends out of her house to take us shopping(I have no car). I had been online shopping the weeks leading up to our trip. The reason why I hadn’t bought anything yet was because I didn’t understand the sizing chart for this store(RUE 21).

I went with my friend and it was an adventure getting there. Prior to going, I had seen a buzzfeed video about buying clothes that fit rather than clothes you want to fit. I was heavily inspired. I put these suggestions to work

First, I took different sizes of a particular item into the dressing room. There is nothing more depressing than trying on an outfit and having it not fit. That discourages you from trying the item in a better size that may actually look good.

Second, I didn’t take clothes that I knew I wouldn’t feel comfortable in. A lot of times, I try to buy clothes that I create events for in my head, even though I won’t ever wear them. If it was too short for my comfort or too open for me, I didn’t even touch it.

Third, I tried to step out of my comfort zone. I did my best to pick outfits rather than individual pieces. Sometimes you buy a really cute top, and you never wear it because you have nothing to wear it with. So I made sure to leave the store with complete pieces.

This was by far the best shopping experience I have ever had. I usually feel less confident about myself after going shopping, but this time was different. I hope that anyone who has the same struggles that I do would be able to incorporate these tips into their everyday lives.

2 Timothy 1:7 -For the Spirit God gave us does not make us timid, but gives us power, love and self-discipline.




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