I fell out with my friend!!!-Storytime

Hello everyone and happy easter! Many people have been asking about me and I am sorry for the absence. Your girl is a student first and foremost, as a result, my studies takes precedence. However we are here, so let’s do this.

I don’t know if I ever mentioned this, but when I first came to college, I was very unhappy. I was a semi-confused international student at a PWI (pre-dominantly white institution), who was trying to understand university life whilst also assimilating to american culture. That made making friends hard. It wasn’t until the end of my second year that I made a good friend, Mary (fyi that is not her real name).

We were going strong all through spring and summer and into my third year. I mean we would go on hikes, go shopping, get food, people watch, anything you can think about that friends do. It was great and I was finally feeling like I had found community at college.

During Fall of my third year, we lived in the same building opposite each other. I was always at her place because it was the black apartment. Everything was going well until I started scaling back on how much time I was spending at her place. I am the sort of person who goes to bed before 11 so I can be up by 7. I would go to class very tired because I would be up late into the night hanging out, and that was strange for me. This my long-awaited friendship was taking a physical toll on me and my academics and all I did was retreat.

Before I knew what was happening, I wasn’t going to her place anymore. As a result, we wouldn’t say anything to each other when we were in the same place and we became strangers. I didn’t know what to do; I was losing a friend I had prayed so hard for. Finals was coming and i decided to take my mind off it. December came and I travelled to Nigeria. January came, and I went to Kenya. February came and I couldn’t run away from the problem anymore.

One day, I was walking to class and I saw Mary and I did what I had been doing for the past four months; I walked past her. She stopped me and said hi (clearly more mature than I am). She asked how I was doing, and we came to the conclusion that we needed to talk. We met up later that day and talked about what had happened. It turned out that she thought that I was mad at her, and I thought that she was mad at me. So we were both not talking to each other because we did not talk to each other. Mind-boggling! The funny thing is that I always do this. I am very non-confrontational as a result, if I think someone is beefing me, I won’t approach them to find out why. It’s really bad.

Well the moral of the story is that after talking, we caught up on the four months we had missed out on each other’s lives. She had more to say than I did cause my life is low-key boring. It was nice to finally have my friend back, and to think that all this would not have happened if I had just said, ‘Hey, what’s up with us?’ That is a lesson I am learning and I hope you have learnt from me. So basically, before you try to cut someone out of your life, make sure you actually know why.

Well folks, story done. We are friends again and school is still hectic. BTW my friends have been hyping me to get a podcast or do a radio show. Appaz I am really funny and I say some interesting stuff. If a podcast is something you think I should do, let me know. I am seriously considering hosting a radio show at my school’s radio station for next year. Let me know folks. I want your input. Plus if anyone knows how to actually start a podcast, tips would be much appreciated. Also, let me know if you want more story times. I have gist for days. See you when I see you.

Proverbs 18:24- ‘A man of many companions may come to ruin, but there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother (or in my case a sister) .’


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  1. Ada I love it. Also love that the bible verse is so apt. Ya not a funny guy sha 😂🤗 but yeah you should really follow up with your podcast/ radio dreams and I’m happy you have your friend back.



    1. adabekeeblog says:

      Look at this babe. I am very funny. Thank you so much for reading. I am glad you enjoyed it.


  2. yonawrites says:

    Yesssssss you should do a podcast!! :)))


    1. adabekeeblog says:

      Thank you! will let the blog world know when it goes live


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