Everyday skin care routine for Black women

Hello friends! You know what, I think we need to come up with a name for our tribe. How does Ndi Bekee sound? It means Bekee people. Tell me if you like it in the comments. Me I already like it sef. It has a very nice ring in my ears.

Anyways, let us move on to today’s topic. So you remember a few posts ago when I talked about taking the Covid MCAT, I mentioned that the stress had caused me to develop big pimples especially on my forehead. I am the type of person that really only breaks out on my period so these pimples were not normal for me. Luckily for me, I had some trusted skin care products that came to my rescue.

So I don’t have a before pic but this was two weeks after the attack of the pimples. You can tell that my forehead had been through a lot lol!

The thing is, as a dark skin woman, most of the skin care products I find are marketed to bleach or lighten your skin. This has made me very cautious whenever I try to find products. With the products below, I have used some for over two years and all for at least two months; and they have worked very well for my skin. Feel free to buy any of these products by clicking on the images below. Doing so helps to support your girl. Thank you and let’s dive in.

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  1. Dudu Osun Black Soap: This is what I use to wash my face whenever I shower in the morning. It is a very powerful soap, especially useful for washing out oil and other gunk from your face. I only use this once a day because it can be quite drying . (Shop this soap below)

2. Clearasil cleansing wipes: I have been using these wipes since senior year of college. I find it funny that no matter how much I have washed my face, these wipes can never be clean. I actually don’t mind because it means they are catching whatever dirt my soap missed. The wipes also contain salicyclic acid, which have been crucial in reducing my pimples and helping me fight acne. (Shop these wipes below)

3. Witch Hazel Facial Toner: For me, toners have a way of soothing my skin. This particular one is alcohol-free so it doesn’t make my face feel like its on fire. I use it twice a day to nourish my skin. How else do y’all use toners? (Shop this toner below)

4. Vitamin C serum: My people when I tell you this product is a gem, I mean it. This serum is my first line of defense against dry skin. I use it twice a day and it hydrates my skin leaving it feeling smooth and soft. I love this serum so much. My fav thing is that a little goes a long way. You don’t need too much to get the job done. Cop this serum down below and tell me how wonderful it is for you.

5. Ponds face cream: My mom was actually the person who introduced me to this gem. I use it once a day in the morning. It leaves my skin feeling super hydrated and soft. It also smells really good to me. I like that it doesn’t feel heavy. It also helps with my spots without that lightening effect I mentioned earlier. I have used this product for over two years. I suggest you buy some below and try it out for yourself.

These are my five everyday skin care products. I like to keep things simple and these products help me do that. Is there anything on here that you use regularly also? Let me know. Also, if there is something you like, please feel free to purchase it through this post. Keep commenting, liking and sharing this post. Till next time, Bye!

My products in their element

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  1. Purpleoctober says:

    Ndi Bekee sounds good and reminds us of our roots so yes ayi bu “ndi bekee”
    You go girl I’m going to try some of the products listed here.

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    1. adabekeeblog says:

      Yes please try them


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