How to slide into someone’s dms (with examples)

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Sliding into the dms (direct message) has become an inevitable part of social media culture. For those who don’t know, it simple means direct messaging someone on a social media platform. People slide into dms for multiple reasons such as trying to promote their business, wanting to ask a question, or possibly starting a new relationship. Whatever reason you want to slide in someone’s dms, please do it right. Just like with any other interaction, you want to make a good first impression. People already have their guards up on social media, so you want to do your best to be taken seriously. Below are some guidelines to successfully slide into the dms

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Follow the person

This one seems so obvious, but you would be surprised by how many people don’t do it. Imagine you want to ask someone for a favor, the least you could do is be their follower. It may seem like a small thing but people check such things. Also, if the person has a private account, a non-follower’s messages go to a different place. This may make it difficult for your message to even reach them.

Immediately he sent me a message, I went to check if he followed me. This was important cause I am private and wanted to make sure that people didn’t just pull my infomation out of nowhere

Use a real account

The amount of times I have had these bot-looking accounts slide into my dms is embarrassing. Do you expect me to take you seriously when I’m not even sure you are a human being. Also use the right account. If you want to do business, use your business account. If it’s a personal affair use your personal account. It is weird when a business account slides into your dm to tell you how beautiful you are. Please let’s check ourselves biko!

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Don’t just say Hi

If you come into my dms and type ‘Hi’, I have already assumed a certain level of unseriousness. This may not be the case for everyone, but you are easily forgettable. You are putting the onus of continuing the conversation on someone you don’t know when you are the one trying to talk to them. The least you can do is introduce yourself. It makes the person more likely to respond to you.

So this fellow had reached out to me after Christmas break. Our parents knew each other but I didn’t know him. If he had just said hi, I would have ignored the message, but his immediate explanation made me more willing to have a chat.

Try to understand your audience

This is especially important for business accounts but can also be applied to personal accounts. Go through their feed. Understand who they are and use that in shooting your shot. If they post a lot about food, acknowledge that. If they are a makeup guru, comment on it. If nothing else, it shows that you care. It allows the person know that you are actually interested in them cause you have taken out time to learn about them.

If you can’t tell already, this man’s intention in messaging me was for romantic purposes. My family is all over my page, so taking the effort to notice and comment on that proved to me that he meant business lol!

Slide in from their stories

This is especially for people sliding in through instagram dms. You may be shy to make the first move and that is ok. If the person posts on their story, feel free to comment. This way, you have automatically entered their dms and they are more likely to respond to you. At that point, you can carry on a meaningful conversation. This works best when you actually have something to say about their post. Also, this is not the time to be controversial, watch yourself!

Even an emoji can serve as an avenue to start the conversation. Just make sure you actually start one and not miss out on the opportunity.

Well that’s all I have for you today. What do you think of some of these tips? Have you tried any? If so, how did they work for you? Am I missing a crucial tip? Don’t forget to subscribe to my mailing list. Leave a comment and let me know what you think. Till next time, Bye!

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